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GREETING: Thank you for visiting. I have more than 35 years of experience and am happy to share it with you. You can also keep up with the latest Michael Jacobi's SPIDERSHOPPE news by liking and following my Facebook page. These days much of my work is educational, with writing, photography & travel my primary focuses, but I continue to breed tarantulas and offer surplus both via retail and wholesale sales. I also sell copies of my book and have a limited supply of T-shirts, stickers and supplies available. My mailing list is the best way to get special offers of livestock and full inventory lists. Make sure you click the SUBSCRIBE link above and validate your mailing list membership.

ABOUT MY SPIDERSHOPPE: I have no intention of returning to being a full service tarantula dealer offering dozens upon dozens of species and getting into price wars and who-can-have-the-longest-list wars with the ever-changing crop of newbie dealers that pop up, burn strong and then die out quickly. I've been in the exotic pet business since 1982. I've been doing this longer than most. I know what's up and I know what I want to do. My business model is to breed the spiders I enjoy and offer bulk sales to resellers while offering rare and limited quantity spiders to the public. I will relaunch spider sales on my website today. But I am not interested in buying wholesale for resale. What I offer is mostly bred by me and stragglers from show inventory and cool stuff bred by friends. My inventory will be lean and specialized. My emphasis for my personal collection is Aviculariinae (Avicularia, Pachistopelma, Iridopelma, etc.), other arboreal species and the African genera Harpactira, Monocentropus, & Idiothele. This specialized interest will be reflected in my website inventory along with some true spiders I work with like Heteropoda and Cupiennius. If you're looking for Brachypelma or Grammostola or most other New World terrestrials, I'm not your guy. If you're new to the hobby and want a beginner species, I'm usually not your guy. I can help with the best book and best care info (see sidebar links and next paragraph), but after almost 35 years of selling tarantulas I now sell only the spiders I am passionate about.

TARANTULA CARE: For care information I recommend my book, Tarantulas (Animal Planet Pet Care Library). Inscribed copies are available here for $15 including postage (US) . To order please click here (it cannot be shipped with live spiders). It is also available via pet stores and booksellers, and sells a Kindle edition. My 95-minute instructional film Tarantulas in the Terrarium is now available free of charge on my YouTube channel. For a wealth of accurate and FREE information, please also read my infPo pages and care sheets at the site. To download a comprehensive PDF directory to free online resources authored by me click here.

Thanks for visiting this site. I encourage you to support The British Tarantula Society and follow my activities via social media. Please visit my photography galleries at SmugMug. I also post images to Instagram and occasionally post tarantula photographs and related content on the SPIDERSHOPPE Facebook page and arachnid/reptile/amphibian and other wildlife images and content on the Exotic Fauna Facebook page.

All the best, Michael