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SHIPPING: I ship via FedEx Priority Overnight using Superior Shipping Supplies FedEx processing service. Live arrival is guaranteed (see Terms and Conditions for complete LAG). Safety of the arachnids is my foremost concern. I do not use the postal service to send live arachnids. That is illegal. I do not ship live arachnids with any service that does not get your order to you within 24 hours. That would be irresponsible. The FedEx Priority Overnight shipping fee for most orders is $46. This will be applied to your shopping cart. Proper overnight shipping is expensive and with box and cool/heat packs my cost often exceeds my fee. There is no minimum order. You'll have to decide what amount of livestock offsets the freight charge. Please note that roaches and supplies cannot be shipped with arachnids, and use different services. Please place arachnid, roach, and supply orders separately and select the three different appropriate shipping methods. Shipping fee is included for T-shirts and books.

LOCAL: I do not have a shop and do not allow visitors to my home. I do, however, meet customers in the Chicagoland area. I make deliveries to the Wheaton, IL A.A.E., which is held twice monthly, but do not vend at that show. I only vend at the NARBC show in Tinley Park in March and October. I also can arrange IL meetings along the I-90 corridor from Rockford to O’Hare.

NOTE: Approximate sizes (in DLS, diagonal legspan) are given for the spiders that are offered for sale. All spiders are sold as unsexed, randomly chosen specimens unless otherwise indicated.

TARANTULA CARE: For care information I recommend my book, Tarantulas (Animal Planet Pet Care Library). Inscribed copies are available here for $15 including postage (US) . To order please click here (it cannot be shipped with live spiders). It is also available via pet stores and booksellers, and Amazon.com sells a Kindle edition. My 95-minute instructional film Tarantulas in the Terrarium is now available free of charge on my YouTube channel. For a wealth of accurate and FREE information, please also read my info pages and care sheets at the Tarantulas.com site. To download a comprehensive PDF directory to free online resources authored by me click here.

USA SALES ONLY. Although I am a licensed importer/exporter, I do not ship orders out of the continental United States of America. Canadian customers should try Tarantula Canada and European customers should contact The Spider Shop (Wales, UK).

Thanks again for visiting my SPIDERSHOPPE. I hope I can be of service and look forward to supplying you with the finest arachnids. Please contact me if you have any questions. All the best, Michael

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1 - 24 of 69 items

RECYCLE & REUSE: Please help me reuse your packing supplies and keep polystyrene out of landfills. If you can use the styrofoam box(es) your order comes in please do. But if you're just going to toss them please consider sending them back to me. I will give you future store credit for the postage (standard or priority mail only) plus an additional $3. Or if you prefer I will just refund the postage price of returning the box(es) to me from your original order payment.